Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant (S Pass)


  • Age below 40 years old
  • Must be able to speak English and Chinese
  • Candidates with SG Class 3/3A Driving Licence or 1-year Operational Experience will be advantageous
  • Must have a Diploma certificate and above
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Must have good planning skills and work well under pressure
  • Must have good customer service, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Must be willing to learn and do all duties assigned


  • Hiring/interviewing of cleaners for contract sites
  • Provide on-the-job training for cleaners (the company will give training on the cleaning routine)
  • Plan schedule, daily attendance, and monthly performance review of cleaners
  • Conduct regular quality reviews on contract sites
  • On-boarding and Off-boarding of cleaners and contract sites
  • Maintain and replenish inventory
  • Assist on day to day operations and administrative duties
  • Assist to manage/resolve client’s feedback and any contract conflicts
  • Any other related duties as assigned by the immediate superior


Salary: $1800 – $2000/month (depending on experience)
Working hours and days: Mon – Fri (9am – 6pm), Sat (9am – 1pm)
OT: No
Housing: Not Provided
Food: Not provided

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