Nurse Aide (Female)

Nursing Aide (WP)

Daycare Centre တွင်တာ၀န်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန်

✔️ Must have minimum Diploma in Nursing OR Diploma in Midwifery with valid nursing license

✔️ Must be able to read, write and speak simple English, because will need to write daily report

✔️ Must have relevant nursing experience, overseas experience is accepted

✔️ Must be willing to do all duties, including cleaning of house / toilet or work overtime if requested by employer, because might need to help out other programs if needed

✔️ Must be independent, responsible and self-disciplined

✔️ Candidate MUST NOT have Tuberculosis (TB), cancer and other serious disease before

✔️ Willing to do all general cleaning duties, basic care and nursing care duties

✔️Must be flexible, not calculative, and OK to work night shifts (if required)

✔️Must be physically strong to support elderly and sick patients

✔️Must not have visible tattoo on hands and etc.

Work Duties:

✔️ Ensuring proper storage of client’s medications

✔️ Reminds clients on taking medications

✔️ Ensure accurate documentation of medication records

✔️ Reports to Nurse-in-charge on clients or caregiver who require medications, medical appointments and related advise

✔️ Take care of clients and monitor their progression

✔️ Escorting the clients if require

✔️ Perform CPR, AED and first aid to clients and plays an active role in emergency situations.

✔️ Performing vital signs monitoring or checks example blood pressure, temperature and reports to Clinicians

  • Basic salary: $840 – $950/month (depends on working experience)
  • Working hours and days: 5 days a week / 44 hrs per week (rest days on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Housing allowance : $530 / month OR stay in employer provided housing
  • Food: Not Provided

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