Nursing Aide, Interim Caregiver Service (WP)

Nursing Aide, Interim Caregiver Service (WP)


  • Must have minimum Diploma in Nursing OR Diploma in Midwifery with valid nursing licence OR ITE Skill Cert in Health Care
  • Must be able to read, write and speak simple English, because will need to write daily report.
  • Must have relevant nursing experience, overseas experience is accepted.
  • Must know how to use Google map and willing to travel around Singapore.
  • Must be willing to do all duties, including cleaning of house / toilet or work overtime if requested by employer, because might need to help out other programs if needed.
  • Must be independent, responsible and self-disciplined.
  • Candidate MUST NOT have Tuberculosis (TB), cancer and other serious disease before.
  • Willing to do all general cleaning duties, basic care and nursing care duties.
  • Must be flexible, not calculative, and OK to work night shifts (if required)
  • Must be physically strong to support elderly and sick patients.
  • Must not have visible tattoo on hands and etc.


Client care duties as follow:

  • Assist patient in personal hygiene including: –
    Bathing and/or assisted bathing for the client who is too ill to take a bath in the bathroom or for the bedridden or handicapped client; changing of clothes, undergarments, continence aids and any soiled sheets; brushing of teeth and cleaning of dentures; toileting and other elimination need; Incontinence and ambulation care.
  • Lift and re-position bed-bound patients 2 hourly and conduct elimination rounds for non-ambulant patient
  • Perform simple wound dressing and bandaging (dry wound)
  • Feeding and assisting with oral and/or nasogastric tube feeding
  • Assist in the administration of medications and medication reminders.
  • Provide companionship by organising mentally stimulating activities and recreational activities.
  • Perform simple physical maintenance exercises.
  • Escort for a medical appointment
  • Attend to client needs and relay his/her request to the caregivers or Care Coordinators in charge.
  • Monitor and record vital signs. Report should there be any abnormalities.
  • Document the details of the service rendered in the system.
  • Assist in Vital Signs Monitoring and charting (Blood Pressure, Temperature, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation & Pain)

Light housekeeping duties as follow:

  • Identify and rectify basic home hazards to prevent falls/ slips e.g. wet floors, and untidy walkways that prevent easy manoeuvre.
  • Ensure the elderly’s passageway (bedroom, living room, toilet) is dry and clean by sweeping and mopping.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the cooking area and utensils after the preparation and serving of meals.
  • To ensure that the kitchen stove and table are cleaned after cooking by Nursing Aides.
  • To wash the plates and pots after meals/ use if cooking is done by Nursing Aides.
  • If the washing machine is available, wash the elderly’s clothes and hang them dry indoor.
  • Infection Control
  • Exercise standard precaution and hand hygiene when in contact with patients and the environment or surrounding.
  • Educate patients and relatives on infection control practice.
  • Higher care tasks such as.
  • Assistance with a nebuliser (with normal saline)
  • Applying of cold compress.
  • Care of Urinary Catheter and draining system (including changing).
  • Assist in Blood Glucose Monitoring and charting.
  • Assisting in Modified Diet (Thickened fluids, blended diet or prescribed by speech therapist).
  • Simple Wound dressing (Stages 1 to 2).
  • Stoma Care.
  • Oral Suctioning.
  • Assist ICS Care Coordinator in handling enquires and feedback from the referral sources and clients from home care services.
  • Liaise and work closely with care team members and family members as well as any external partners involved with regard to the client’s care needs.
  • Perform other care duties as assigned by the Operations Manager/Nurse Manager.
  • Ensure timely documentation on the home visit.


  • Basic salary: $840 – $950/month (depends on working experience).
  • Working hours and days: Day shift: 8am to 8pm / Night shift: 8pm to 8am (1 rest day a week can be any day of the week. follow schedule).
  • Housing allowance : $530 / month.
  • Transport allowance: EZ-Link will be provided.
  • Night shift allowance: $15/night.
  • Food: Not Provided.

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