NA male

NA male

စင်ကာပူ Nursing Home အသီးသီး တွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန် Nursing Aide (male) ခန့်ထားပေးလိုပါသည်။👍


  • Age (below 40 years old)
  • Must have a minimum NA certificate and relevant working experience in Nursing Home in Singapore
  • Must be willing to take care of intellectually disabled residents
  • Must not have visible tattoos on hands and etc.
  • Must be willing to work on public holidays, nights, and rest days per schedule
  • Must not have Tuberculosis (TB), cancer, and other serious diseases before
  • Willing to do all general and basic care duties in Nursing Home including those concerning sanitary ones
  • Must be physically strong to support patients
  • Must be hardworking and able to work independently
  • Must be able to speak and write English
  • Must be able to attend an online interview


  • To dispense medication
  • To carry out daily dressing for clients/residents
  • To conduct health checks for hypertension and diabetes clients/residents
  • To supervise health attendance
  • To provide personal hygiene, and grooming care for the residents e.g., bathing, nail cutting
  • To observe residents eating, and habits and render assistance when required
  • To provide toilet training at regular intervals
  • Coordinate with hospitals/polyclinics for medical appointments
  • To escort/accompany clients for follow-up appointments/visits to doctors etc.
  • Coordinate with physiotherapy aide and assist in the residents’ daily exercise routine
  • To facilitate and conduct activities programs e.g., art and craft
  • To report any adverse behavior of residents to the supervisor ex: staff nurse
  • To attend emergencies when arising
  • Any other duties as assigned

Basic salary: $750/month (Night shift allowance included in the basic salary)
Working hours and days: 3 shifts (morning, afternoon & night), 44 hours per week, 1 rest day per week
Housing: Provided. stay in
Food: Provided on working days (vegetarian). can buy and cook the meat yourself

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