Interim Caregiver Service (WP)

Interim Caregiver Service

Job number: AACG-083B10
Position: Interim Caregiver Service (WP)
Nationality: Myanmar
Gender: Female


  • Must have minimum Diploma in Nursing OR Diploma in Midwifery OR ITE certificate.
  • Can accept candidates with expired/no nursing license.
  • Must have Singapore working experience but cannot be more than 6 years.
  • Candidate with prior experience of NGT feeding will be advantageous.
  • Must have interest to work in the community care sector.
  • Height and weight must at least 155cm and 50kg and above, cannot too skinny.
  • Must be able to write and speak/understand simple English as need to write daily report.
  • Must be willing to do all duties or work overtime if requested by employer, because might need to help out with other programs if needed.
  • Must have relevant nursing experience, overseas experience (hospital) is accepted.
  • Must know how to use GPS and willing to travel around Singapore.
  • Must have good attitude, willing to work hard, patient, kind, caring and good tempered.
  • Must be flexible, not calculative, and OK to work both day and night shifts.
  • Must be independent, responsible and self-disciplined.
  • Must be physically strong to carry or support the elderly.
  • Must not have visible tattoo on hands and etc.


  • Activities of daily living (personal hygiene) such as showering, mouth care, hair washing, skin care, toileting and etc.
  • Nutrition: feeding, assisting with modified diet for the client as specified by hospital, Nasogastric Tube (NGT) & Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding.
  • Additional personal care tasks:
    🧪 Medication nebulizer,
    🧪 Oral suctioning, medication administration,
    🧪 Simple wound dressing,
    🧪 Hypocount monitoring & charting, change of stoma bag,
    🧪 Applying cold compress under instruction from the client or his/her caregiver,
    🧪 urinary catheter care, specimen collection (for urine, sputum or stool),
    🧪 Oxygen therapy, buying meals or warming up food using microwave oven,
    🧪 Accompany the client for medical appointments and accompany the client for short distance stroll near client’s home.
  • Ensuring that the client is always within a safe environment.
  • Help out with exercise such as assist in walking, safe transfer, turning & positioning & etc.
  • Housekeeping such as maintaining cleanliness of the home environment, mopping, washing toilet, changing bed sheet and pillow case.
  • Laundry such as machine wash clothes, bed sheet and etc.
  • Monitoring of vital signs and any other ad-hoc duties as assigned.


  • $925/month (night shift allowance is already computed into salary).
  • Working hours and days: Day shift: 8am to 8pm, Night shift: 10pm to 8am / 6 days per week (follow working schedule).
  • Housing allowance: $400 / month.
  • Transport allowance: $50 / month (only need to travel to 1 patient’s house per day).
  • Food: Not Provided.

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