Fish Farm Worker

Fish Farm Worker
(Work Permit)

Position: Fish Farm Worker (Work Permit)
Nationality: Myanmar


  • Must be age 35 and below.
  • Must be of height 168cm and above.
  • Must be non-smoker.
  • Must be willing to work in fish farm environmentand, stay in smelly and dirty environment.
  • Must be willing to work everyday and physically fit.
  • Must be able to speak and understand English.
  • Must be hardworking and obedient.
  • Must be a fast learner if no experience.


  • Feeding fish.
  • Cleaning ponds, nets, and tanks (highest tank is 1.8m).
  • Carrying of fish feed and other general work.


  • $865/month ($650 basic + $215 food allowance).
  • Working hours: 7:30am – 5:30pm.
  • Rest days: 1 rest day a week, boss decide which day.
  • Housing: Provided.
  • Food: Not provided can cook.
  • Usually no OT on working days. Sometimes worker will finish job earlier (e.g., 3pm plus), sometimes will work after 5:30pm so give and take.
Mostly will require worker to work on rest day, company will pay $28/day.

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Alex Aung
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