Dish Washer (Male)

Dish Washer (Male)
(3 Months TEP)

Position: Dish Washer (3 months TEP)
Nationality: Myanmar
Gender: Male


  • Must be willing to do both dish washing (mostly stationary and standing whole day).
  • Able to work in enclosed area and humid kitchen.
  • Must not share with anyone about dishwashing job.
  • Must be able to speak simple English
  • Physically fit and cannot be too skinny (1.60m above).
  • Able to work long hours.
  • Cannot take MC frequently and cannot work outside job. If get caught, will get banned.
  • Cannot choose jobs, location or work schedule allocated.
  • Must be hardworking and willing to do all duties as requested by customers.
  • Must be ok with dirty plates and washing dirty dishes in large numbers and daily throwing of large volume of rubbish from kitchen.
  • Must be able to work in hot and humid kitchen environment.


  • Clear dirty plates and wash dirty dishes in large numbers.
  • Throwing of large volume of rubbish from kitchen.
  • Cleaning duties.
  • Dish washing.
  • General duties inside kitchen.


  • $1700/month.
  • Working days / hours: 12hours a day (2 rest days per month. employer choose).
  • 1 meal provided on duty day.
  • Housing: Not provided (self source).

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