Cleaner (Female)

Cleaner (Female)


  • Fresh worker welcome
  • Must be able to speak good English and know how to use google map
  • Must be proactive and resourceful as training will be provided
  • Worker cannot take MC frequently
  • Worker cannot work outside job
  • Cannot choose jobs, location or work schedule allocated
  • Must perform well in bringing cleanliness image to the customers with satisfaction
  • Cannot dispute with customers on work issue, report to boss instead to resolve
  • Must be hardworking and willing to do all cleaning duties as requested by customers
  • Must know to travel around Singapore when given an address
  • Must be able to accept no public holiday rest will be given


  • Household chores including but not limited to cleaning toilet, cleaning kitchen, cleaning windows, cleaning ceiling fans & walls, cleaning surfaces, sweeping, mopping, ironing.
  • Any other cleaning duties required by customers


  • $500 basic + $700 allowances (transport, housing, attendance) = $1200/ month
  • Working days : 6 days / 44hrs per week
  • OT: $6/hr after 44hrs (not inclusive of travelling and lunch time)
  • Rest day not on Sunday

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