Class 3 Driver cum General Worker

Class 3 Driver cum General Worker (Furniture company)

21-40 years old, Male


  • Must have BCA SEC certificate
  • Must have a valid class 3 driving license and be familiar with SG roads or can use GPS well
  • Must be able to drive a manual 10-feet lorry
  • Must be willing to pay for own traffic penalties in Singapore
  • Must be able to work on any day, even PHs – as long as driving is required by the company
  • Must respond and work fast to all requests by Company
  • Must be safety conscious and responsible
  • Must be willing to stay and work with co-workers from different countries
  • Must not drink alcohol and smoke
  • Don’t be calculative in salary calculation, give and take
  • Obedient (don’t want savvy sounding type)
  • Must be able to come in very fast because of company manpower shortage
  • Understands English instruction


  • Do all driving-related duties like deliveries, loading/unloading, pickup/purchasing of materials, ferrying personnel, etc.
  • Any other ad hoc tasks when got no driving-related duties.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the vehicle

Not a 100% driving job, mix with general work in a wood furniture factory
If you want to do OT, will need to do non-driving duties like QC, cleaning the door, packing, etc (Duties are not inside the construction site – mainly indoors like a factory, etc)
Working days/hours: 6 days a week / 8:30 am -5:30 pm
Housing: Provided
Food: Not provided (If OT, dinner provided)

**We regret to inform you that only shortlisted candidates would be notified.**

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